About Advantage Manufacturing

Advantage Manufacturing is located in Friendship, Tennessee, thirty miles from Jackson, TN and eighty miles from Memphis, TN.  Employee owned and operated, Advantage Manufacturing was started by ex-Tupperware employees in 1993.

With a full line of Injection Molding machines, ranging in size from 190 ton to 720 ton, Advantage Manufacturing produces a diversified line of products.  Our customer base consists of Disposable Medical Products, Consumer Goods, Lawn and Garden, Lighting and Automotive.

Because of our unique structure, we are a high quality,low overhead producer of injection molded parts.  Our management team and employees are committed to customer satisfaction and we strive for excellence.

If you are looking for an ISO 9002 company that can provide high quality, competitive priced products, we encourage you to give us the opportunity to do a market test quote for you and your company.

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